The Murray Franklyn Contingency Program: Unlocking Your Dream Home with Flexibility

Finding your dream home while simultaneously selling your current property can be a challenging task, especially in competitive real estate markets. Murray Franklyn understands these difficulties and has introduced a unique Contingency Program, offering buyers the opportunity to secure their ideal Murray Franklyn home while still allowing time to sell their existing property. In this blog post, we will explore the advantages of the Murray Franklyn Contingency Program and the criteria for participating in this innovative home buying and selling solution.

Opportunity to Sell Current Home:

The Murray Franklyn Contingency Program allows buyers to make an offer and secure their desired Murray Franklyn home while retaining the flexibility to sell their current property. This is particularly advantageous in markets where homes sell quickly, providing peace of mind and reducing the stress of finding temporary housing or undergoing multiple moves.

Extended Bump Period:

In addition to the benefits of the Contingency Program, Murray Franklyn offers an extended bump period of 7-days. This period allows buyers to navigate the selling process more smoothly and gives them extra time to secure a buyer for their current home before finalizing the purchase of their new Murray Franklyn home.

Time to Secure Financing:

Buyers participating in the Contingency Program have the opportunity to use the contingency period to finalize their financing arrangements. This ensures that they can secure the necessary funds to complete the purchase without feeling rushed or pressured.

Flexible Closing Dates:

Murray Franklyn recognizes the importance of a smooth transition between a buyer's current home and their new property. With flexible closing dates, buyers have the flexibility to align their selling and buying timelines, minimizing logistical challenges, and reducing stress during the moving process.

Marketing Assistance:

Selling your current home is an integral part of participating in the Contingency Program. Murray Franklyn provides marketing assistance by printing a complementary marketing flyer for your property. Additionally, your property flyers will be available at Murray Franklyn open houses, maximizing exposure. Murray Franklyn also collaborates with your buyer's agent to aid in marketing efforts, ensuring a comprehensive strategy to help you sell your current home.

Expert Advice:

As part of the Contingency Program, buyers have the opportunity to receive free expert advice from Murray Franklyn's top brokers. These industry experts can provide invaluable insights and guidance to help you successfully navigate the selling process and achieve the best possible outcome for your current home.

Time for Due Diligence:

The Contingency Program includes a 30-day contingency period, allowing buyers to conduct thorough research and due diligence on the property, neighborhood, and local amenities. This ensures that buyers have ample time to make informed decisions before finalizing the purchase.

Murray Franklyn's Acceptance Criteria for a Contingent Transaction:

To participate in the Contingency Program, buyers are encouraged to consult with Murray Franklyn's preferred lenders, who understand contingent loans and may provide special financing options to facilitate a smooth or simultaneous closing. The buyer's current home must be listed for sale within 5 days of mutual acceptance. Murray Franklyn requires a comprehensive understanding of the contingent house, including its condition, and a current Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) study conducted by the contingent home's agent to ensure reasonable pricing. The contingency period is set at 30 days, and earnest money is refundable during this period.

The Murray Franklyn Contingency Program offers a unique opportunity for buyers to secure their dream Murray Franklyn home while still having the flexibility to sell their current property. With advantages such as extended bump periods, flexible closing dates, marketing assistance, expert advice, and time for due diligence, this program streamlines the home buying and selling process, minimizing stress and maximizing convenience for buyers. Consult with Murray Franklyn to explore the possibilities and embark on your journey to homeownership with confidence.