Luxury Home Appliances
Luxury Home Appliances

State-of-the-art appliances that complement our luxury homes

Murray Franklyn's residences are distinguished by their meticulous craftsmanship, exquisite design, and thoughtful use of space. We use state-of-the-art appliances and because they're so well-designed, we can effortlessly incorporate them into our designs without sacrificing aesthetics.

Hestan Appliances entered the market with the intention of bringing their award-winning commercial appliances into the residential market. The ranges have one of the highest BTU burners available for the domestic market and are ideal for folks who enjoy cooking with woks, which often require high heat. When paired with the Hestan pans, the gas burner will communicate with the pan so that the homeowner can set the temperature of the pan, and the burners will automatically adjust to maintain the desired temperature. Plus, while you're busy cooking, the Hestan ventilation hood will quietly clear the air. The groundbreaking baffle-less variable speed blower technology catches 70% more grease than nearly every other vent hood.

The Thermador range is a well-built machine with great burners. Its star-shaped burners give excellent coverage on the bottom of the pan, resulting in equal heat distribution.

The dishwashers we use are built to last and perform. The Hestan has Nylon-coated stainless-steel racks, while the Thermador has a true dry tech that assures all your dishes are dry at the end of the cycle. Furthermore, these dishwashers are so quiet that they have a light that indicates when it is turned on and running. Our Appliances Not to mention our refrigerators and freezer columns, which are nothing less than crème de la crème. Antimicrobial Ever Crisp drawers of the Hestan refrigerator inhibit germ development and cross-contamination. Furthermore, the columns include an insulated dual variable speed compressor that aids in maintaining precise temperatures with minimal vibration. Thermador includes preset cooling settings that allow you to perform different temperatures as well as LED lights that can be modified in brightness depending on how you want your drinks to sparkle. Their shelving is adjustable and made of tempered glass for durability and elegance.

Read more about our design choices and the craftsmanship that goes into our homes. Stay tuned for more information about our designer-selected tiles, cabinetry, and custom-selected themes, which set our houses apart from the crowd and make them classically unique.