We Buy Land

We Buy Land

For over 50 years, Murray Franklyn has worked with our neighbors and community partners to build luxury homes on the greater Eastside. We are currently looking to purchase land in Kirkland, Bellevue, Redmond, Issaquah, Newcastle and Sammamish.

What to Expect:

  • 1Contact us, tell us about your property
  • 2We’ll develop your Property Investment & Evaluation Report
  • 3Discuss your PIER Report

The Acquisition Process


We will analyze your property, if our initial analysis is a fit for you, we will create a purchase and sale agreement that meets your timeline.


No home is the exact same and every property has its own requirements for a feasibility timeline. We strive to shorten feasibility timelines to the minimum number of days possible and work with our local experts to ensure a quick turnaround on all jurisdiction requirements.


We have a flexible closing schedule and we work with our homeowners on their timelines. In some cases we offer post-closing agreements that allow you time to find and even close on your next home.


Our Incentives

Zero Commission Structure

We are not agents. We are your neighbors and as such you retain any commissions a normal agent would receive. In some cases this can be as much as 6% of your sales price, back into your pocket.

We are an “As-Is Buyer”

There is no need for inspections and costly repairs if your property has an existing structure. We purchase your property in the condition it is in so that you don’t spend a dime on these items.

We are a Cash Buyer

No outside lenders to approve timelines, plans or to agree with our property assessments.

Good Neighbor Bonus

If you introduce us to your neighbor, we will give you a cash bonus when we close on their property. Each neighbor you introduce us to will bring a bigger reward for you.

Want more information?

Call, email or text our Land Acquisition team direct (click here for contact information) or fill out this quick inquiry form to start your 48 hour timer and receiver your free Property Investment & Evaluation Report.

Jake Hiller

Land Acquisition Manager

Todd Levitt

Land Acquisition Manager

Nate Ward

Land Acquisition Manager